Abrasive Cutter METCUT-12


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METCUT series of abrasive cutting machines offer an economical 
solution to your metallographic sample preparation needs.


  • 12” (305mm) abrasive wheels
  • 5 Hp Motor 
  • Left and right cam vises (not included)
  • Reinforced FRP hood
  • LED Light
  • Overload protection.
  • Extra-large twin t-slotted clamping table
  • Ergonomic Cutting Handle
  • Amp meter.
  • Electronic safety lock on hood. 
  • Electronic motor brake.
  • Four high flow coolant jets provides optimum cooling
  • Side opening for large specimens. 
  • Large shatter proof viewing window. 
  • Cutting capacity up to 150mm
  • Y Movement for (up to 250mm travel) 
  • Epoxy coated chamber for easy clean-up
  • External cleaning nozzle for easy wash down
  • 26 gallon (100 liter) re-circulating tank included

Technical Specifications


1/ Rubber Bonded Abrasive Cut-Off Wheels

Made from sheets of natural rubber and have been manufactured by the “original calendered method.” They have a unique composition that makes them ideal for high quality cool, burn-free sectioning on metallographic samples.   

2/ Soluble Oil

SOLUBLE OIL with rust inhibiting additive.  For use with all abrasive cut-off machines and belt grinders which have contained recirculating systems.  Blue, odorless, foam controlled. Sulfur and nitrate free.  Mixture with ratio 20:1 (Water : Oil)

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